DemocRAT's Hall of SHAME! DemocRATs Hall Of SHAME! vs HostGator - WTF?
So, I'm minding my own business one day after smacking the crap out of some DemocRATs and I get this email:


The "Spamvertised" Complaint link is: Here.

The ORIGINAL posted message link is: Here.

The Cartoon (NSFW - X-Rated - Parody - Satire - Not Real) is here, and here, and here.

I already know what the Cartoon is (I made it) but WTF is "Spamvertisement?" Wiki says "spamvertising" is:
"Spamvertising is the practice of sending E-mail spam, advertising a website... It also refers to vandalizing wikis, blogs and online forums with hyperlinks in order to get a higher search engine ranking for the vandal's website. Spamvertisers insert links to their websites (typically, sites purporting to sell some commercial product) and add keywords of common or related searches. The apparent goal is that a search engine will find the vandalized page full of links and improve the popularity rating of the pages to which they link. This is typically done by automated editing programs which look for editable text fields in web forms and automatically fill them in with web links. The links typically lead to pills, porn and poker sites. Most legitimate website providers do not tolerate this practice, and will delete any site that has been spamvertised. This practice has led to many editable online resources employing anti-spam countermeasures, including the use of captchas to prevent automated editing."
I don't really see how that applies to posting a message on a Usenet newsgroup with a link to a picture on a website, especially since nothing was vandalized, search engines don't bother with Usenet newsgroups, and there isn't anything for sale at my website. But I just went through something that feels a lot like this with GoDaddy so I figure the problem must be the mention of my Domain name in the link. So I reply suggesting that observation and offerring to use a URL that does not include/mention my Domain name and I get this Email:


I'm familiar with the scent of tin-badge Nazis and I'm gettin' a strong whiff of it here! "Clinton" is apparently saying that the HostGator Spam policy is that if somebody complains then it's spam. So I inquire further and I get this Email:


If you've read the "DHOS vs GoDaddy" page then this is becoming very familiar to you as it is to me. Of course, on the Usenet newsgroups that I post to there is no such thing "unsolicited" posts. I mention this and a few other problems and I get this Email:


I smell another tin-badge Nazi! "Andrew" says there's such a thing as an "unwarranted" post to an unChartered, unModerated Usenet newsgroup AND (as determined by apparently anybody, including HostGator) such a posting is automatically a spamvertisement!

I'm still confused. Does GoDaddy own Usenet or does HostGator own Usenet? Maybe they co-own Usenet? Who knew? Anyway, HostGator (after several opportunities) doesn't want to directly censor what's on my website but they clearly do want to make sure I can't tell anybody (absolutely anybody, anywhere, in any way, ever) what's on my website! So then I posted another Cartoon on Usenet but this time I used a link-shortener so my Domain name wouldn't be an issue and I got this Email:


The "Spamvertised" Complaint link is: Here. "Cody" says I posted:
Mooch of Squatch (Genus-Species: Gigantopithecus blacki) That Ass Is Too Damn Big!!! =
The ORIGINAL posted message link is: Here. What I really posted was:
Mooch of Squatch (Genus-Species: Gigantopithecus blacki) That Ass Is Too Damn Big!!!
So "Cody," on behalf of HostGator, edits my message! (That G-rated Cartoon is here, and here, and here.)

I figure I need to call up HostGator and see just what these Nazi shitbirds are up to! After 15 minutes on hold the best (and apparently busiest) receptionist in the entire Universe picks up. (No kidding, 110% serious; she was so friendly, so polite, so professional I was literally shocked.) I ask for "Cody" and she puts me on hold to get him (or her). Oops! "Cody" won't come to the phone. Those people in that group (Customer Support) don't talk to customers, it's their policy she says. I ask for his (or her) Supervisor and she puts me on hold to get him (or her). Oops! The Supervisor won't come to the phone. Those people in that group (Customer Support), AND their Supervisors, don't talk to customers, it's their policy she says - but since my Domain has been suspended would I like to talk to someone about getting another Domain with HostGator? No thanks, but thanks for asking, I would now like to speak with the Manager of that group. She puts me on hold to get him (or her). Oops! Can't find that Manager anywhere but she'll go try that Supervisor again, okay? Okay.

Eventually she finds that Supervisor! His name is "Orlando D.," he is Hispanic with a mild lisp and won't give me his last name, he doesn't have a Manager rather he has a Director named "Akia F.," and that last name is top secret also. I ask Supervisor "Orlando D." why "Cody" FRAUDULENTLY editted my message and Supervisor "Orlando D." immediately refuses to discuss the matter because I used that "F" ('fraudulent') word! And that's how two hours on the telephone ended...

So what have we learned?
  • HostGator has the best receptionist, ever.
  • HostGator Support is staffed by COWARDS and LIARS.
  • A pattern of documented stalking has been established.
  • HostGator will accept the word of a total stranger over their own customer AND will refuse to talk to you about it (because Customer Support doesn't talk to Customers on the telephone).
  • The COWARD who complained from one of the USENET Newsgroups where I post articles has NEVER stepped forward. For what it's worth this COWARD knew my Domain had been suspended before I did - a message was posted in alt.politics mentioning it before I got the email stating it...

  • When this all began:
    • DemocRATs Hall Of SHAME! had 3 Domains and 3 websites.
  • And now...
    • DemocRATs Hall Of SHAME! has 3 Domains and 3 websites.

  • HostGator has been exposed as a LYING, DECEITFUL and COWARDLY company.
Looks like I win, again... Have a nice day, 'RATs... Hahahahahaha!!!